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The Zethus Fund
For Contemporary Music and Art
Robert Martin, Executive Director
Younghee Choi Martin, Advisor

The Zethus Fund is a private philanthropic endeavor based in Manhattan, New York, which does not accept donations or contributions of money or its equivalent or other gifts and does not solicit for such. This notice is not a solicitation.

Zethus Prize 2019

For Outstanding Contribution to New Music: North/South Consonance

Zethus Fund acknowledges the outstanding contribution that North/South Consonance, Inc. has made to the New Music scene during the past forty years and awards the sum of $20,000.

Since its launching in 1980, North/South Consonance has sponsored over 400 different live concerts throughout New York City, the US, and abroad.

North/South events have featured more than 1,000 different works espousing a multitude of aesthetic viewpoints by composers hailing from the Americas and the world.

During its first decade of operations, the North/South Chamber Orchestra recorded five LP's for the Opus One label and one compact disc for the Classic Masters label. In order to advocate in a more effective manner, on behalf of the music by living composers, the ensemble began releasing recordings on its own label in 1992. The ever-expanding North/South Recordings catalogue comprises over 60 compact discs available for streaming, download, and purchase through outlets worldwide.

Congratulations to Max Lifchitz, the founder of North/South Consonance for making a significant contribution to new music of our time.

Robert Martin
Executive Director


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